Pricing &

Information Request

Pricing &

Information Request

[1st Step to booking]


  • This form will collect your information for your event. We will review this information for our availability on your event date, times and event requests.

  • An email will be sent to you confirming our availability for your event and a price quote for our services based on your requests and locations.

  • We do try for a 24hr. response time but this is dependent on our event schedules. This process is not automated and does require that we review your requests. This could in some cases take up to 72hrs.

  • After you receive your emailed pricing/information and our availability and you would like to proceed, please move on to [Contracting, 2nd. Step to booking]

Next Steps to booking:

(These steps will be included in your email from 1st step)


PHASE ONE: "Meet In-Person"

[2ND Step to booking]

(Initial face-to-face Inquiry & Services Consultation)

PHASE ONE: "Contracting & Booking Form"

[3rd Step to booking]

(Submit contract signers names & info with invoicing recipient)


**Our services are first come first served. All events and dates will not be reserved, saved, or any of our services provided without a signed contract and full payment of the 45% booking fee (Non-refundable). We charge travel fees for events outside of 50 miles from 83854 (based on google map's directions). Labor fees will be added for added time constraints. Complete payment for the event is due one day before the event. We will not provide services until we have received full payment.